>I finished another ‘Wolf’ panel quilt today.
I got out the 5 tops that hadn’t been documented with pictures and took photos of them, then went to work on my quilt journal.
The journal contains pictures, fabric swatches, and a few notes on the quilt. There are, of course, duplicates of several patterns, I have made several of the bordered panels, each different, several log cabins, in different sizes and settings. More than one Irish Chain or variation thereof.
I have quite a collection of books and equipment, rulers, mats, cutters, pins, needles, threads, and 2 sewing machines. Not to mention FABRIC, if I love it, I buy a yard or two, you never know when you might want to use it and for some reason the designs are only out for a while and then disappear. And of course there is the large trash bag of scraps, small pieces that are enough to use for something.
I have hand cut, rotary cut, paper pieced, chain pieced, hand pieced, and used about every other technique I have read about. I can draft my own patterns and settings on graph paper and I am learning to use EQ and an embroidery machine.
The finishing ranges from tying, to hand quilting, to a few on my home machine and those I have sent out to machine quilters. I can do a ‘quick turn’ finish or put on commercial binding or make my own, and if all else fails, yes, I can turn over the back and just hem the quilt.
There are 36 quilts in the journal, and 3 others that never got photos taken. From the early days, when I did not realize that this hob-ssession of mine was really an inroad in a time honored craft. There are also a few other undocumented projects, some ‘quillows’ and quilted pillows that I have done too.
Long ago, my best friend and I would spend time with her grand mother, who hand quilted for herself and others, Grandma Essie would try to get us to learn to piece and quilt. I don’t know how many times she would get us started with a simple block, like a nine patch or snowball. We might stick with it long enough to complete a block. I don’t remember completeing more than those 2 patterens and I am sure it was only one block of each. How sorry I am now that I did not pay more attention to that gifted craftwoman.
I used to sew, made most of the dd’s school clothes for many years, a homecoming candidate dress, and youngest dd’s wedding dress. Made western shirts and bib overalls. Now I hardly ever even sew up a rip or patch ‘leaky’ jeans. I would rather cut the fabric up and make a quilt!