While campng on the Mississippi, Saturday afternoon I was treated to an amazing adventure!
I looked up, there he was! Hero of my childhood – Huck Finn on his raft, floating down the river. I checked in with Mr. Scott who beamed me over and Huck himself took me on a quick tour of the wondrous craft. Wooden walls hid a small bunk inside, a wood stove to cook on, a box of food and cooking supplies…
He stops along the river to pick up drift wood for his fire. HE catches a fish sometimes. He floats on the Mississippi 150 years back in time.
My time was short, I had to leave before he could dish up a plate of catfish and some fried corn bread.
Scotty sent me back to camp, to dream of the wonders Mr. Twain wrote and imagine the trip this fellow is having.
An old friend I never really met, but to see this opens a whole world of conjecture and imagination to enjoy.