Hubby, dear man, is a fan of breakfast. Eggs over easy, bacon or sausage, or for a change pancakes, french toast or hashbrowns. And he wants it early in the morning…
I’m not! My idea of breakfast is about 9 or 10, doughnuts, eclairs or something decadent like pie! I am rarely ready to eat early in the morning. Coffee, lots of coffee starts my day.
Cereal???? That is an evening snack, be it corn flakes, oatmeal. Hot or cold, it’s a snack!
When I am coerced into eating breakfast early, this is what I like to fix, and everyone better want some…
Boil 4 mediun potatoes for about ten minutes, (preferrably the night before) make thick slices and place in an 8X8 baking pan, fry sausage or ham chunks with some chopped onion, drain and toss with potatoes. Stir up 4 eggs and a pinch or so of whatever herbs you like, in a bowl, pour over the whole works, put in the oven at 375 for 15 minute, then top with some shredded cheese and back into the oven lng enough to melt the cheese.
The original recipe was in a Martha Stewart magazine, thought it sounded good, but who had all those ‘fresh herbs’ and such that she used on hand? Not me!
So a bit of trial and error, and we now have a good breakfast casserole. It makes 3 generous servings and is easy to double in a 9X13 pan if you have more to feed!