We have a place, we have this date. If you want to come, I need a ‘head count’ by the end of December, so I know how much of the facility we will need to reserve. Must have at least 6, up to 16… if there are more interested will try to do another or look for a bigger place. I really will!
First come first accepted.
PleaseJust log a comment with your name on here if you think you want to do it. Thanks
Cost break down for lodging May 1 -4 (check in after 1pm Sunday and out by 10 am Thursday)
The smaller cabin sleeps 6. It is available for $ 70 each for 6 for the four nights. If there are not at least 6 We will just hope to try again.

the larger lodge sleeps 10. It has a ‘great room’ to set up tables and more work space. If we have 10 that is 83. 92 each.
If we get 16 and use both the lodge and the cabin, cost forthe 4 days will be 78.70 each. That divides the cost equally for each participant.