Over the years, I have had many adventures in the kitchen inspired by Betty Crocker. When I first met her, her cookbook looked like this:
It was still filled with many recipes from the days of rationing and want of WWII. Even though it was printed around 1950. I won’t say the recipes were particularly healthful as todays guidelines apply. They were for a novice in the kitchen easy to read and simple to make.
Years passed and other newer books came along. In the early ’70’s I purchased a new one, ‘the big red’ book.
I loved it! Over the years and moves from here to there to here, it disappeared. I was so disappointed!
This was the repository for many of our favorite recipes, including the fudge that our family loved.
One day the daughters and I were visiting in a small town having a lot of yard sales, and came upon one that had ‘THE BOOK’. THe lady wanted $7 for it, a pretty high price for a cookbook!
I opened it up and looked atthe pages, scattered with hand written notes, “tried this, Joe liked”, “not as good as I thought” and got to the ‘candy’ section. Like my old book, this page nearly opened by itself. The note on the recipe “best I ever made”.
How could I not buy it? Not only the book, but the little messages from another cook who had tried and used it!
So I bought this book, and have it still. Now my grandkids are using it to learn the skills of cooking and the pleasure of making something special.
The page with the fudge recipe is marked with smears of chocolate, a drip here and there, carefully wiped, but there to show whomever looks that this is a favoer item in my world.
And so, Dear Betty Crocker, I want to tell you thanks, as I get out my good heavy saucepan, sugar and cocoa for yet another year of your fudge, and memories…