A friend posted this idea, TY Barbara, and I thought I would do it too. This is a small list of all the many things I am thankful for, I tried to come up with two for each letter. Take a few minutes and think of all the blessings you have too.
A – Art, Attitude
B – Beauty, Bible
C – Cooking, Caring
D – Decisions, Delights
E – Energy, Excitement
F – Fun, Family and friends
G- Growth, God
H – Health, Happiness
I – Inventions, Intelligence
J – Joy, Jesus
K – Kindness, Kites
L – Light, Love
M – Miracles, Mountains
N – Notions, Networks
O – Order, Options
P – Prayers, Peace
Q – Quier times, Quilting
R – Reading, Rights as an American Citizen
S – Supply, Simplicity
T- Trials, Teachers
U – Untried possibilities, Unity
V – Vexations to overcome, Vision
W – Words, Work
X – X-rays to keep me healthy, Xylophones and all music
Y – Yaks and all living things. You my dear friends
Z – Zippers, Zaniness