I really don’t know how it happened.
I started college one January with a pink backpack. I’m not a ‘pink person’, never have been, but that started something.
Tutees would come to the library of meet me in the cafeteria for help, told by the supervisor to ‘look for the pink back pack’
The home health company I worked for issued pink bags for out paperwork and necessities on the job. And we wore pink scrub shirts on duty…
Since I often went straight from school to work, I wore pink to school some days. That shocking pink color somehow became my ‘signature’. I recieved several pink gifts, gloves, socks and other minor items.
The backpack lived on to become my first aid and important necessity bag when we went camping. Easy to find for sure.
I am still not a pink person, but this week I fund an item I am truly drawn to. Cold weather is upon us and being at least a semi-outdoor person, I really think I NEED this faux fur lined PINK hat.
It would serve to keep me warm and make me more visible than my heavy camo outdoor clothes do.
It comes in other colors, but this one time, I am thinking pink is the way to go…