Cold days are getting to me, January is not even half through and it feels like it’s going to last FOREVER! It looks like a looonnnngg way til Spring! Even the bright sunshine this morning can’t seem to perk my spirits.

That said, I am looking for a taste of summer today. Looking through the jars on the shelf, ah, yes, it’s there! Clealy labled, “Summer in a Jar”. Blackberries!

A blackberry cobbler is just what I need!

I have a recipe, that’s ‘close to Granny Shipman’s’, and that is what I will use.  pie crust, baked on cookie sheets, broken into chunks,  layered with warm blackberries thickened with cornstarch, sugar, and just a ‘smidgen’ of lemon juice.

While I make it, I will mull upon hot summer days, ticks and chiggers and briar scratches, those things that go with picking the berries… and upon the wonderful sweetness and the glory of the deep purple berries themselves. I will think about the many times we have gathered in loving comradery with dishes of the delight in front of us, sharing love and laughter.

It may not be a ‘thing of beauty’, but most surely it is a joy forever!