Saturday morning dawned here,  much warmer than recent days!  Hubby made the decision that  we NEEDED to get out into the fresh air and sunshine. And also that the dogs had been cooped in the pen too long, needed a good run.

I put on the required layers of clothing and off we went…The beagles rousted a rabbit from cover in short order, proving Hubby right.  Racing through the scattered remaining cover of snow, the rabbit led a chase , crossing the open spaces too far away for either of us to shoot.

Another one was found, taking the dogs into ‘the next holler’ and sometimes out of hearing for awhile before returning.

While we waited on the dogs, I noticed that even though snow still hung on in many places, stubborn plants hung on, green and growing in the chill of January.

Soft velvet leaves, clusters of new life, tufted the open space. Holding the seasons together as the knots on an antique quilt. Like the quilt, a promise of beauty and warmth.