Recently, at odd moments, I have been hit by the notion that certain things in my life need changed.  I have thought about it, looking at what was ‘suggested’ and telling myself that it was not a big deal.

Well, I am here today to admit I was wrong! In the past few days, since Firday in fact, the ‘suggestions’ became an overpowering certainty. I was still fighting them, “I don’t NEED to do this”, I told myself and God, as I searched the Bible and some trusted sources trying to maintain my position. How very silly of me! This battle came to a head this weekend as the thoughts of what I needed to do began to consume me. I couldn’t do anything without being hit by an onslaught of ‘what needed to be done hitting my brain like a blacksmiths hammer.

The message kept pounding til it could not be ignored, no matter what I tried to do to defuse it.

Last night, I attended a revival meeting,  the speakers topic was “Sowing Seeds of Faith”. As the words came out, I could feel conviction falling on me. If I intend to continue growing, I would have to accept these ‘suggestions’ and ACT on them. If not, I was going to be stuck, between a rock and a hard place with no way of moving on…I answered the altar call, when it came, for anyone who felt God was asking them to do something they did not feel ready for. That was my position at that moment!

Tears ran down my face, I gave it up, I am now willing to begin making those changes and see where they lead.Have thine own way