This morning, it was 40 degrees, misty fog and sometimes a bit mote than fog… Forty degrees, a virtual heat wave at 6 AM! Hubby decided we needed to take advantage of the wonderful warm weather, load up the beagles and let them have a run. We went down to the old air strip, a good area, lots of cover and good open places to shoot.

And so, the adventure begins, dogs, shotguns… truth to tell, we could have left the guns at home, weight we did not need to carry. Oh, there were rabbits, and we brought home rabbits. No guns needed for this trip, though.

The dogs were enjoying the weather and wanted to play like pups to start, it took them about 20 minutes to realize they needed to get busy and hunt. With that figured out, they got up the first rabbit and away it, and the dogs went.

For nearly an hour they hopscotched through the brush, back and forth, just out of range or the dogs too close for a safe shot. Finally we heard a yelp down by the creek and Hubby walked in that direction. Three dogs came up the bank to meet him, then the fourth, carrying the rabbit, proud as a prospector with a gold nugget.

Dogs were patted and praised, the rabbit stashed away, and we began the ‘hunt’ for another. It didn’t take long, for us, just a short walk down the broken black top surface and along the edge, beagles sniffing and whining as they scented another. This one might be one for the records!  In a streak, the rabbit crosses the black top, races down the creek, doubles back. I’m watching, gun ready… The rabbit breaks cover, not where I expected, but literally at my feet! In fact, it hit my leg in the rush to get away! 

The dogs swarm past like stampeding cattle, right at it’s heels. The race continues. Rabbit uses every trick in the Rabbit Handbook, returning once between Hubby and I, again no way to take a shot.

This Olympic event continues until, once again, the dogs caught it. This time, tow of the dogs came back to us and two stood guard in the brush on the prize.

Two rabbits, no shots…

I’m not sure I would believe it if I had not seen it!