“Oh, no Mr. Carroll” was my reply!

Folding laundry this morning and attempting to get it put away, I stared eye to eye with the walrus.

There are things in my dresser and closet that have not seen the light of day, or my body in a long time. I still have ‘fat clothes’ there, although my weight has been down for over three years… I have dress clothes that will never be worn.

It certainly isn’t a matter of ‘style’, my style is much for practicality and very little for looks… plain colors, sweatshirts, loose fit jeans, there is my all purpose ‘marrying and burying outfit’… That is really al I need, and all I want.

Most of what is there just needs to go to the dump or Goodwill. More to the dump, or animal bedding I fear.

So, I am arming myself with trash bags, and a plan to disappear into the bef room and excavate the drawers and closet.

How much clothes do I need?  There was a time when I had 5 work uniforms, 3 sets of ‘everyday wear and a Dress outfit. Along with the needed underpinnings,  pjs, a swimsuit, weather appropriate selection of outerwear and such, it took 6 closet hangers and two dresser drawers. I am now retired, so, the uniforms are gone, but it seems the clothing has grown exponentially.

I wear the same things all the time, that I will keep. The rest goes! When I go to get dressed, none of those many other items intrigue me enough to be worn, so why bother?