I have been wanting Snow Ice Cream, the delectable treat my great grandmother used to make.  Each time the weather man says ‘measurable snow’, I get my hopes up, and so far this year, each time I have been disappointed. It’s not the weather man’s fault, and I am really NOT a fan of snow. But I am a fan of ice cream, and the memories this evokes.

All around us snowfalls seem to be in plenty, but here, on Sunrise Ridge, it has yet to be deep enough to cover the yard completely.

There might be an inch here, as the flakes become more sparse and radar pictures show it moving along, away from my homestead. Friends have reported much more in neighboring communities. I hope they are going to have snow ice cream, and will enjoy it for me. It is not going to happen here, at least not today.

Hubby, in fact, has taken ribs from the freezer and decided that a barbecue is in order. I’m not sure why anyone would stand out in snow to cook on a grill, but he feels it is needful. I will stick to my kitchen, preparing hot rolls and baked beans to go with the meat.

No complaints in the long run, he does a great job with the grill. I’ve seen him out there in all sorts of weather, rain, sleet, snow, from my view out the kitchen window. Which is where I choose to stay on such days.

I know, it’s only mid January and there is still a good bit of winter left. Just ONE good 3 inch + snow, is all I need! And it may happen yet. I have not given up hope.

There is a nice blueberry – peach pie to solace me for the lack of snow ice cream. I can surely accept that.