One of my favorite places, is Grand Isle Louisiana. We spent many days on the beach there in the past. Camping at Grand Isle State Park was a looked for and highly anticipated event.

I have walked the beach at all hours, and even on a couple of occasions, been nudged by bottle nose dolphins swimming by in the water.

Between hurricanes and the oil spill, ‘my’ Grand Isle has seen changes. But it stays in my heart.

Our first trip there, youngest daughter developed a rash. A lovely lady, Mrs. Crosby, with children about the same ages as mine was helpful, giving me advice and recommending a remedy.

She then invited us to dinner, serving Jambalaya. Our oldest daughters became friends, exchanging letters and hone calls over the years, and to this day. Each time we returned to Grand Isle, we have managed to get together. Even after our girls grew up and left home.

Jambalaya is on the menu today. My celebration of lasting friendship and good feeling!

Thick with, sausage, chicken, tomatoes and rice, gently spiced. Not quite a stew, not quite a casserole. Just GOOD Food.

I don’t have a recipe for this. I just throw some polish sausage or ham chunks, diced chicken, onions and stewed tomatoes in the crock pot and let that simmer a couple of hours. Add some precooked rice, til it ‘looks right’ (somewhat thicker than soup or stew) and some Cajun spice and hot pepper sauce or other seasoning of your choice.

I am taking myself to a mental day on the beach folks! Good bye, cold and snow!