There are things out there, so I have been told.

watch?v=cUh9A9xqlSs&feature=player_embedded Long ago, when first our family moved to the Missouri hills, we heard screams in the night. My aunt and uncle, who had long lived in the area, told my intrepid brother to stay inside.  At age 12, he was big and brave, ready to go out armed with a BBgun to face whatever cast that sort of fear, even though all of us were accounted for inside the house.

We were assured there was no woman in distress, it was a ‘panther’. I have never seen one, although a couple of friends and family members attest to meeting up with them on nocturnal jaunts.  Many nights, as a youngster and as an adult, we have walked along the backroads or even through the woods and once in a while heard that spine chilling scream.

They are out there, maybe closer than we think. Two have been verified, on opposite sides of the state since the beginning of this year. Are they increasing? I would like to think so.,0,4594567.story