Mrs. Johnson, in her effort to bring world flavors and appreciation to the class, decided we would present an English tea.

This was, I think, the least popular of her efforts.  We went over a simple menu,  finger sandwiches, scones, jelly roll, trifle and purchased a couple of ‘teas’.  Students were requested to ‘dress up’. Our table was covered with a ‘real’ table cloth,  glass plates, cups and silverware laid out.

The class helped prepare the scones,  comments such as,  “Why would anyone put raisins in biscuits?”, ” I thought we were having cookies.” followed us as they went  into the oven…

The lovely clear glass bowl of  layered strawberries, cake and custard, our trifle, was wondered over.  Several tasted this, but found it wanting. Cake and strawberries, we were informed was fine, pudding was fine, but NOT together.

The tiny sandwiches, egg salad and cucumber, totally disdained by the boys. The girls were much more willing to try them. Cut in wedges and with cooky cutters to try for an ‘authentic’ (according to our cookbook) look, most dried out before being tasted.

I don’t think I will go into the idea of  hot tea, served in a world where if tea is consumed it is sweet and iced… a few brave souls tested the brew, most with such looks of trepidation.  You might think they were being poisoned. Hot beverages are usually coffee or hot chocolate.

Truly, the only item that met success and total approval, in this venture was the jelly roll. And it was familiar, having been purchased in a package at the store.

That was a long time ago, I often wonder now, if those same students would be more daring, or if some of them have even found a taste for some of those foods.