I found this wholecloth crayon decorated quilt http://www.favecrafts.com/Quilting/Seashells-Quilt while lurking around the internet this morning. Thanks a lot favecrafts!

I love the sea and all that goes with it, so the pattern was a ‘must grab’. With it came the thought of using the same technique for a Handprint quilt, for a grandparent or teacher, an Autumn leaves quilt, Sports theme for a boy, or coloring book animals for a child’s quilt. On and on, endless possibilities!

It would be a good, simple introduction to the world of quiting for someone who would like to try it but is intimidated by the idea of cutting up fabric. 

It will be a good way to use up some of those old crayons in the tin. I’ll bet the grand kids would appreciate some new ones. They might have ideas for a quilt top of their own design, too.

I remember Mother using a crayon, wax paper, press cloth and ironing technique to transfer designs on to fabric. I may try that first, before I invest in a lot of sandpaper.