My sister named our parents home Proud Ground Plantation many years ago. It was a small wood sided house, built by my uncle after the parents deemed country upbringing a good thing for our family of seven.

Three bedrooms a living room and a kitchen, a ‘shack out back’ for bodily necessities…surrounded by a field of wild flowers,  walls and roof were there when we moved in, interiors were finished by Uncle, Dad and the abilites of my brothers. Oldest brother and I shared space for our teenage ‘bedrooms’ in the attic, and a few years along my dad’s mother moved in with us.

Water came in milk cans from the spring down the road, heat came in firewood for the stove. TV came on one channel.

We grew up, water in the kitchen and a bathroom , gas heat, phone service, statellite TV and internet have been added to the house, some remodeling to make it easier as Mom and Dad have grown older.  It now houses, Mom, Dad, my sister and her son.

The house has been painted different colors over the years, and finally sports aluminum siding and a large wrap around two sides porch.

The sun still shines in the picture window, Mom’s feeders are bright with birds year round,  Da’ds wildflowers have been added to over the years and fill the eyes and soul with beauty, and inside is the heart, the thing that has held us all together for all these years. LOVE always love. It’s a place you can always ‘come home’.