This blog is posted by my friend Ida Knoe

“The future is ours to win”, a statement in President Obama’s speech last night brought to mind the old Doris Day song. The rhythm was right, the sound was right, “what will be, will be”…

The bi-partisan demonstration of solidarity and hope, failed as people sat together, but made no effort to show any desire to work together. Sort of like making your kids hold hands until they can say something nice to each other… it doesn’t work in the long term, they will be fighting again in the morning.

President Obama has plans to put a lot of money into education, research and technology in an effort to shore up the economy. That’s good, I suppose.

Where is that money coming from? He didn’t make much of a point about that aspect.

Another question I have, is with so many of our jobs already outsourced to othercountries, how is this going to change the economic picture here? Where is develpment to put people back to work at a living wage?

He wants to cut the deficit, I agree with that. We need to be much more fiscally responsible, but I heard no real or effective polans to do so, secpt his refual to sign any bill with ‘earmarks’. That should effectively stop any new legislation from going through.

I could be wrong, but this is what I heard and what stuck in my mind.