Back in the 1980’s, after a period of unemployment, back long before all the current benefit extensions, our family packed up our pop up camper and moved west to Oklahoma. We knew some people in the area who had told us there were jobs available.

It is not easy for a family of five to live in the confined space of a camper for an extended  time.  Privacy and amenities were nearly nonexistant.  No electricity, no running water, no bathroom. We were able to park the camper at a small trailer court, and a neighbor there supplied us with bathing facilities.

And so, we took the chance.

God saw fit that Hubby did find work within a few days, and within weeks we found a small house to rent. It had a stove, refrigerator and dining table and chairs. And, I  think most appreciated a bathroom with a showerof our own!

We had no furniture, and little else, but again provision was there. A co-worker of my husband was buying new furniture. Suddenly we had a couch and chairs for the living room.

Yes, for a while we slept on the floor, did without a lot of  ‘conveniences’,  like TV and telephone. We were great patrons of the library and cheap board games were a great pleasure in the evening.

We grew together as a family.  It may not have always been ‘pretty’, but we made it work.

In one way it was a very frightening experience. Three kids, very little cash left and no idea what might be at the end of that road. We had to make a serious decision and step out, believing that there was something out there.

In another way, this was proof of God’s provision in my life. What was needed was supplied. It was not supplied all at once, but when we needed something, it always seemed to be there. 

The road to Oklahoma, eventually led us to other places and finally ‘home’ to Missouri, to the same place we had begun. I wonder though what might have happened had we not taken that chance…