That is what several of the media voices are saying about the impending weather this week in mid- America. And it could be.

We have been warned, given advice, and are either prepared or have decided they have cried wolf too often and are not…

Be that as it may, we have had plenty of warning and satellite and radar views to know something is likely to happen.

Over the weekend, I visited with my dad. Mentioning the possible coming storm, he stated “I had all the snow I ever wanted to see during Operation Haylift!”

Dad was a lineman for one the power companies in Nebraska.  During the long months of snow storm, following blizzard, following snowstorm, he was away most of that winter.

I had heard about the haylift, growing up in Nebraska, and the hard work the people did to get through that long ago winter. Until I Googled it, I had no idea of the scope and problems.  (Worth looking at just for the pictures)

In a time when there was no instant communication, no internet, few telephones… how hard it must have been! Give it a thought while we are all complaining about ‘this weather’. With our well stocked stores, good roads, road crews prepared and 4 wheel drive vehicles, is it really that bad?

One of the stories in our family is that when Dad returned home after an extended trip out repairing electrical service in western Nebraska was that I, age one year old, did not recognize him.