We have the bird feeders ready, filled and hung. No takers this morning, the old wives tale is that means bad weather!They won’t be looking until it is over.

A bag of corn for the turkey, deer and other wildlife that will need some extra feed if the weather man is right. Ice puts extra stress on the wildlife, so we try to help them out.  I would not like to think all my food was encased in a frozen coating and unavailable. We will spread some out after the storm so it is accessible.

Not much I can do for the carnivores, nature will have to take care of them.

Plenty of feed laid in for our ‘livestock’. Warm bedding and shelter has been supplied to the best of our ability.

I am not holding my breath for a storm, but we are as prepared as possible. Out only big concern is if the power goes out and temps drop as predicted, our water lines will freeze up. Not a pleasant prospect, but one we may have to deal with in the next few days.

As long as we have power we can keep water running inside and as long as it is moving the chances of a freeze up are slim. I have jugs filled, just in case.

Now, to wait and see what is going to happen…