Neighbor, Izzy Wright braved the cold this morning to interview a groundhog. Around here there is no fanfare and ceremony. You have to locate the little guy on your own! But Izzy the intrepid was up to the task.

He needed a hammer to chip away the ice surrounding the den and was met only by snores and grumbles as he tried to shove a microphone into the hogs face. He was out before daylight to ensure no shadow sighting would be possible.

Izzy reports that the little fellow refused to come out, and said after being awakened “I’m not sure I want to forecast weather for those who are too stupid to stay in off the ice and snow.”

Mr.G. followed up with a press release,including the above photo. Obviously a diva of sorts, and like many other celebraties requesting to be left alone,  chewed the mike, turned and crawled back into his den.