Hubby looked at the calendar, and made the decision. In his estimation, it was ‘time’ to prune some of the fruit trees. As the Bible says “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. According to all we know and have learned overthe years, this IS the season to complete this task.  

I certainly will not argue with that idea, we have talked about it several times recently with the cold weather keeping the sap down. Of course the ice weighing down some of the branches may have helped him decide. It’s a lot easier to stand on the ground with the pruners than to have to climb up to reach the branches that need to be removed.

Cutting them today may also prevent them being broken with the weight of the ice and strong winds we are expecting tonight and tomorrow. Surely, the cold will keep them dormant for several days for the wounds to heal. Temps in the teens should prevent fungus, insect or bacterial damage. 

It’s a time investment that should be well worth the effort, and sure doesn’t cost much to keep the trees healthy and productive. We will appreciate being out in the cold today, when we harvest peaches next summer.