I have been working on a graduation gift quilt for one of the nieces.  This morning has been a battle. One of those “Murphy’s Law days”! Everything from having to recut and resew a couple of the embroidery blocks to tearing apart the sashing and changing it. The fabric I had originally picked out for the center of the sashing mad it too ‘busy’, calling more attention to the sash and away from the blocks.

It begins to look like things are coming together as I have finished 4 rows of blocks with the sashing strips. Laid out on the cutting table, they are taking on the appearance I wanted to see.

One more row to complete, then to put those together. It is not going at the speed I would like. These blocks are a different size than the first quilt I made with the ‘ladies’. It has required several sit-downs with the calculator and rulers to get everything to ‘fit’.

I believe it is worth every stitch, and the outcome will be a lovely gift for a lovely girl. Not only that but the other two I have to make should be a lot easier to do.