Part of my morning ritual is coffee.  Hot and steaming.

While I sip, I go through my daily meditation and prayer list.  Enjoying the ‘sounds of silence’ in the house and considering the day ahead.  those are always my first activities. Giving thanks for what I have, and letting God know I appreciate His love and care are important to me as are the requests I lay before Him for His consideration.

By the second cup, the computer is usually on, email, Facebook, maybe googling a question or idea. Check the days weather and perhaps a headline or two. That often depends on just how depressing the news is. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to unbiased news reporting as those talking heads tell me what happened and what I should think about it.

Cup number three, I am beginning to function, make the bed, start the laundry and on to other tasks. Yes, by the third cup I can face the ‘household horrors’, the world and get on with my day.