It has been brought to my attention that I have not baked any carb and sugar laden treats recently. Hubby mentioned this fact, over a bowl of Cheerio type cereal last evening.

While, no doubt, this has been better for our bodies, it seems that cold, snowy weather increases our appetite for such things. Being stuck indoors increases our weight.  So I have cut back on the sweets. If they are not readily available, we won’t fill up on them.

I do miss having the ‘kids’ around.  That justified a lot of calories and kept ‘left overs’ to a mininum!  Anyone want to brave the backroads and snow?

In an effort to provide a treat and stay on the healthy side, at least a little, I have narrowed the choices to oatmeal cookies, made with applesauce instead of so much butter, filled with raisins or a peach-blueberry pie. 

This does not mean I don’t want a batch of frosted sugar cookies, a pan of seven layer bars, sticky cinnamon rolls or decadent brownies.  I do!

Yes, I think it will be the pie. Tastes of sweet summer and servings of fruit on a snowy day.

That ought to work, don’t you think?