I found a pattern for some shelves I liked on the internet a while back. The instructions were printed and passedalong to Hubby andd Neighbor BIll along with a home cooked meal and dessert. (I’m not crazy, and certainly not above bribery when necessary)

A couple of modifications were made to the original pattern and construction took place in Neighbor Bills garage.  Today, I saw the finished project and I was very pleased with the result!

Now, I will have to move some things here in the sewing room to put them where I want them, or they will have to sit in his garage until the weather ‘fairs up’ enough to finish the shed. Space! It’s always an issue of space, and there is never enough!

The  outside of the shed is complete, but work on the interior has to be done before Hubby’s ‘junk’ can move. Come on warm weather! The floor has to be sealed and shelves built there too.

Patience, patience, it will all come about! And when it does, you will hear me shout in joy!