It’s almost time! The “Shoot-out” was last night, “The Great American Race” is next weekend.  Yes, I am a NASCAR fan. The season has begun!

The girls grew up learning that on race day, nobody bothered Mom. The house rules were ‘leave the TV alone – it’s race day!’ and ‘make sure she does not run out of snacks and her glass is never empty’.  I don’t know the specific house rules in their homes but I know that they too are all fans. We sometimes call each other during or after  a race these days, to comment on a particular action, spectacular move, incredible win or loss.

From the National Anthem to the winners circle, we are  there, where ever we might be, and have been known to jump up screaming from time to time.  Folding laundry, knitting, crocheting and hand quilting seem to be activities I can do while the race goes on. Things I can do while I watch.

This year, there are new cars, new faces, and rule changes. I’m ready to pick a team and cheer them on.