This is one TV show I have always been a fan of.

I loved Jeopardy! And I played it. Hubby used tosay I had more useless information in my brain than anyone had a right to, but I played anyway.

I had friends who would use a calculator and keep my score! Yes, I was good at it.

When we lived in New Hampshire, one of the TV stations had local tryouts in Boston. I won a chance to go. Taking the bus to Boston and them my first ride on the T (subway) to Harvard University where the tryouts were held.

Interviews, tests, and a shot at the chance to be on the show… I made it through two rounds of the competition. Not to the third and final elimination. It was a fun day, and quite an experience.

Today, Jeopardy champs go up against a computer. I hope to be around to watch!