I am almost ready to get back to stitching!

Yesterday, my new shelves arrived and were put in! I am so happy and excited! Now the sewing, quilting, craft and cookbooks are reachable, and more importantly locateable without sifting through shaky stacks. The drawers hold  my supply of yarn, knitting  needles and crochet hooks.  

 “Big Red” the tall shelf, has been reorganized, fabric, batting and such have a new home, where it can be seen! that will make the elusive “I know I had that perfect fabric to go with this” a lot simpler to locate.  No longer having to dig through bins of fabric is a big plus! Getting the bins moved out gives me ‘room to turn around’ Who knew?

Boxes hold Ziplocks with blocks for my Jar Quilt and a couple of other WIPs and a drawer has quilt tops that are finished but need sandwiched and completed.

A lamp now graces the “crash cart cutting table” and the “tool box sewing cabinet” has been reorganized for better use as well. Hubby hung a shelf above that area with hooks for the long rulers, scissors and rotary cutter; handy yet out of the way!

That gave me a nice place to display the “President Roosevelt applique pattern collage”.

I am VERY happy with the transformation so far.