Izzy Wright may have spoken true the other day. We quickly got ‘spoiled’ to warmer temperatures and melting snow. Now it seems we are going to get another dose of winter next week. Not as bad as the big mess we had, but it sort of bursts a bubble of hope.

I fried some of Hubby’s cat fish today for dinner. As soon as the corn bread came out of the oven, Izzy arrived at the door. He said his chickens were laying well now. He is not sure if it was the hot peppers in the water or just that the weather faired up. More scientific study is needed.

He was fascinated by the embriodery machine. I showed him some of the patterns I have made, as he set intent on a sewing mahine you didn’t have to touch. Then he got interested in the ‘stat/stop’ button and it took a bit to get him focused on other things.

He still stands firm that it is too early to start those tomato plants. I really want to get them going, but Izzy knows the signs better than I do. According to him, I need to start them about March 10, when the moon is right,  to get the best plants and crop. This year I am going to try that. His are always good!

Well, Hubby mentioned he was going down to help Neighbor Bill load some wood, and quick as that and a plate of leftovers, Izzy was gone. Back to his little cabin and his world.