Why do we collect so much “stuff”?

On this day in history, I sent several items to a new home, Daughter sorted boxes for moving, gifting a home schooling mother with all her old curriculum saved over the years. Items that would have joined the ‘dump load’, had not a friend mentioned a specific NEED for things we had held on to too long.

This cleaning frenzy yielded a pick up truck load of debris for the dump. Why was it here at all years after it had ceased being used? Who knows, I sure don’t! Waiting for us to pitch it, taking up valuable space… I am in awe of the vast amount of things we did not need.

It seems as I  clean and get rid of ‘stuff’, what remains multiplies with a vengence. I know it is not because I am buying things to replace what is no longer here… Where does it come from? Is there some black hole out there where things lost by other people finds its way into my house? Things I have been looking for never seem to turn up, I wonder if they have been spirited away to someone else’s house?