Whenever any of the daughters come home, we get out the old Scrabble board and play!

 It’s always fun, we have lots of laughs and great evenings. If others are around there is lots of asked and unasked assistance.  Somehow everyone manages to join in.

 I have long been the reigning “Queen” and although I won’t admit it to the kids or grandkids, I am always thrilled when one of them WINS the game!

Last night on the second game of the current tournament, daughter Chrysta did just that, with a final score of 318 to my paltry 265.

It does not show in the picture, but across the top of the board, she got a triple word score using the combination of ‘brazen’ and ‘blighter’ for a word score of 90 then later added ‘en’ to make brazen and hit another triple word score for 57!

Pretty good, and I am ready for a rematch, maybe tonight!