Wanda Whye, speaks out on the end of an era.

Well, I have not moved, but as of March 7, I live in a different town!  And so will everyone else in the neighborhood. So much to have to change! It’s identity theft on a grand government scale!  This little town has had a Post Office and mail delivery for over 100 years! Small towns are expendable I guess… and that is sad.

My mail will be delivered 12 miles away instead of just over a mile. We tried, inundating our Federal Representative with emails and phone calls and a petition was passed around… there are still a few days to hope but the outlook is not good.

Years back, we lost our local school, swallowed up by the larger county communities, then the Post Office in our neighboring town, our stores have long gone away, was gone and now ours will be going. Sometimes progress is not in the best interests of the population.

12 miles to get the mail or a gallon of milk? Sad, and now with gas going up exponentially, you really have t consider the NEED before you start the truck!