Miss Lily HATES storms! If there is one at night, she will come to the bedroom and wake me up.  As long as there is some one with her she is fine, I guess she thinks I will protect her?

Last night she woke me (the first time) about 11 pm. There was rain, lightning and thunder! It rattled the house, jiggling the wind chimes hanging in the kitchen enough to make them tinkle.  This morning, local TV noted an earthquake at about that time,  so perhaps I felt that ?http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/dyfi/events/us/b0001lt1/us/index.html

I went back to bed about midnight, only to have her wake me again around 2, for another round. This one had more thunder, but nothing set off the chimes, even though a few times the hoouse shook from the vibrations, so I am holding with the earthquake.