Yesterday, before the rain began, Hubby, with help from Daughter, Nephew and Neighbor Bill, managed to get the BIG Tool box emptied and moved to its new home. Thank YOU for your assistance!

The thing weighed close to 200 pounds unloaded, requiring skills in weight lifting,  manuevering the loaded dolly from his room, down our narrow hallway and out the door. He pulled the truck up to the porch to slide it in for the short ride to the shed.

The move was successful! The tool box and drawers are now in their new home. Boxes of tools have not yet made the journey, but I a sure will follow along in short order.

Since I could not help with this spectacular feat of strength and coordination, I chose to finish going through stacks of books piled here and there about the house.  There will be some mailed out to friends in a few days, 3 boxes to the local library branches and some sadly will have to be discarded.

These tasks have been long in the completion stages, but are finally coming to an end.