I spent a portion of the morning on the phone, trying to get address changes made for our utilities and other bills.

Let me tell you while some of it went quite easily, there was this one…

After several tries I actually pushed wnough 1’s 2’s and such to reach a person. I was almost overjoyed! Almost! The ‘Customer Service Rep’ had a great deal of trouble understanding my semi-southern American words as did I with his heavily accented English.

We went through the whole thing three or four times, “Our Post Office is closing, I need to change my billing address….”

“And what will be your new physical address?”

“I am not sure”

“What is your 911 address?”

This brings on screams for mercy. It is rumored that we are going to be ‘issued’ new addresses, but to my knowledge it has not been done! It’s an exercise in frustration today, so I am going to quit until tomorrow, or maybe the next day… but you know, I would like to know WHERE  I am supposed to be living.