If you are a crafter in any form, you know the horror of running out of something necessary to the completion of a project.

Not quite enough yarn, a bit short on fabric, the last sheet of ‘special’ scrapbook paper, not enough of that shade of mixed paint… this list can go on and on.

I have been working on an embroidery project and had 6 more blocks to make when I saw the white plastic neck of the spool!  The local quilt shops did not have the right color. A search on the internet was equally disheartening, the company I had originally bought it from no longer produced that particular color.

Daughters went out today on a ‘girls day out’, taking the remainder with them. Going far afield and searching they found a match! So near that I am sure no one will know the difference, even on close inspection.

Thank you Girls! I appreciate your efforts and I am not afraid to tell you so. Now I can get back to work on that particular quilt!