We moved to Manchester NH in the late 1980’s. The apartment we rented was in a decrepit area, known as the ‘combat zone’, we were often awakened early in the morning by police careening to make investigations or arrests in nearby buildings. The kids did NOT go out on the street alone EVER!

The redeeming factor of this location was  the discovery of an incredible little resaurant right across the street! Souvlaki’s Pizza and Subs, run by friendly caring people who believed in good food and good service!

They made good pizza, greasy and gooey with homemade sauce. The subs, especially their cheese steak and meatball were beyond good!

We did not stay in that place long, moving to a better part of town within a couple of months and for awhile, every Friday night we would make our way back there for take out. The splurge of the week!

It was not too long, that Souvlaki’s followed us, setting up only two blocks from our new home. http://www.yelp.com/biz/souvlaki-pizza-and-subs-manchester  Happily, our Friday forays were to a better, bigger establishment, and the customer care and food were still excellent!

We left, but they are still there! If you are ever in Manchester NH, stop by, enjoy some Greek pizza or any of their food. It’s good!