Isn’t that clever? A whole month to honor crafters?

What are you doing to celebrate?

Here’s a big shoutout to all of you, for keeping old skills alive, encourging others and leaving some love along lifes highways. You are truly pearls of great price! I am honored to know some of you, and know of others!

to Margie, Trish, Leanna and Nichole whose drawings hang in my house.

To my Dad and BIlly M. from key fobs, belts, purses, wallets to intricate saddles.  Leather crafting.

Brother John, who finds what is hidden in wood and carves it out.

Lynn and Charlie, who know secrets of stained glass

To all those who craft with words for my pleasure! Way too many to name you all.

To my quilter friends, again far too many to name, but who certainly teach, encourage and inspire me.

Those who’s craft is music, among them Julia, Justin and Emilie

Those skilled with needles, hooks, yarn and thread.  Embroidery, crochet, knitting, hooked rugs… the list will never end! Mother, Tara Jo and others.

Scrapbookers, who keep alive the memories and hopes.

Photographers who preserve the moments of life.

Model makers, furniture makers, dollmakers, potters, ceramicists, weavers, dyers, spinners and everyone in between, I salute you all!

What is your ‘craft’? Post a  comment and share your thoughts – I would really like that.