The company left and arrived safely home. Hubby is helping Neighbor Bill today. Mom (me) and Miss Lily are home alone! It’s the kind of lazy day, I do not often get.  I feel very blessed to enjoy it.

Things have been busy,  it is kind of nice to have a day to reflect and do nothing! 

A beef roast is cooking, peanut blossom cookies have been made, fabrics washed and pressed, quilt blocks cut and some sewing done… I’ve been provided all the things necessary and some time to take advantage of that. The laundry is finished, dishes are done, floors swept, so the household horrors have been dealt a blow too.

Miss Lily has vigorously protected me from harm or disturbance! Totally happy with a couple of treats for her diligence, she is cuddled on her quilt on the couch, head resting on her pillow.  I think she is enjoying her nap! I’m tempted to take one too!

Rain hit last night, with thunder, so Miss Lily and I were up. The storms brought some chill with them. The wind has rattled the old leaves on the oak trees, buds and flowers may be wondering if they made a mistake choosing to ‘green up’ too soon. There have been quite a few guests at the feeder today, looking for the grain we keep in it.  They look rather forlorn under the overcast sky.

It has been a good day, quiet, productive, and fun.