Of course, each year as we plant the garden and tend it there is a lot of  faith involved. After the seeds and plants are in the ground, it is in God’s hands about the harvest.

This year, however, we will be planting a crop that will take a few seasons to truly bear.

For years, we have harvested asparagus, from a couple of old houseplaces.  I expect those to last until our new roots can bear a crop to feed us.

It’s always a pleasant adventure to go out and gather the stalks, and they make for very good eating. Hubby and I are getting older, and less agile, the asparagus plots are getting more and more grown up and harder to get to. We have purchased our plants and are waiting for the soil to warm a bit to set them out.

Last fall, Hubby and one of the nephews attempted to gather some of those old roots to bring home. The roots, twined in the rocks and clay, refused to be moved.  Asparagus is sort of like the people around here… Stubborn and independent.

Maybe that is another reason to like it