We had to make a trip to the Feed and Seed today. Even a little flock of chickens and a our little pack of hunting dogs require that from time to time.

Discussing how fast prices are rising, we made the decision to go ahead and buy the needed lime and such for the garden. Yes, it IS time to think about that project!

Corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, maybe some pumpkins and melons… lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, oh yes, good things to come, and enjoy! Things to preserve, things to eat fresh, the colors, flavors and scents! The joy of our own food!

 Hubby has been working on the tiller,  it will be ready, and I hope we are,  for another year of good greenstuff here on Sunrise Ridge. He wants to get the asparagus bed ready this week if possible, before we have to move on to the garden itself.