Meet my friend Pearl.

Pearl is getting older, she was born in 1954. That says a lot for the technology of the time, all her parts still work, even the juicer attachment and the meat grinder.

Recently she did require an electric cord transplant. Hubby took care of the surgery, and her recuperation time was nearly nil.

Over the years, Pearl has worked really hard, there is not much she will nt do, mix a great cake batter, fluff a nice batch of mashed potatoes or whip up a light merengue for dessert.

She has ground sausage, and provided the juice from multitudes of lemons.

Like the rest of us ‘wise women of a certain age’, she keeps quite until needed and then with surprising strength performs the necessary task She’s been around awhile, her good looks are fading, but her heart is still strong and the will to work has not diminished!.

Pearl, I appreciate your help!