No, thank God,it was not us.  A trip to town today was required, on our way home, about 12 miles out of one town (Salem) and 16 from the next (Bunker), we saw a woman standing by the highway waving frantically. A pickup truck was parked about 50 yards up the side road she was standing at.

She looked rather familiar, so we topped the hill and returned to see what the problem might be. Now, many of you are asking, WHY would they do that? In this day and age, with the chance of being accosted, car-jacked or robbed any time you do something like that?

All I can say, is it is what we do here. We have not reached or at least not as much as any places, the sense of paranoia and mistrust that seems to prevail in this the country. Admittedly, we are more wary than we were 30 or so years ago, but in these parts, it’s just common courtesy to ‘help out’. It is ‘neighboring’ in the finest form.

THe family, a lady about my age, her son and daughter in law had been hauling an ailing appliance to the next town in a borrowed vehicle, which, unkindly broke down. Leaving them stranded about half way between.

The son had started walking up the road they pulled off on, trying to find a phone, and the ladies stayed there on the highway. It has been a chilly,damp and gloomy day, and passing motorists that did not even slow down were  a depressing sight for the ladies.

Hubby assessed the situation, not fixable with the tools we had aboard, we drove up the  dirt road and located the son, standing on the porch at a home using the phone. Some soul was kind enough to allow him that.

All members of the party accounted for, we transferred the appliance to our truck and the son rode with us back to Bunker, helped him unload it, as he got his own car to go rescue the ladies in the party.