A notice has appeared for a pie auction in the community. The auction will benefit one of our local Volunteer Fire Departments,   good cause indeed. Our volunteers, drop everything to help out in time of need. This will help pay for the new firehouse and needed equipment.

 I haven’t been to one in a long time, I remember them though!

 Every lady baked their ‘specialty’ pie and the list would be long and delicious. Pies were placed in decorated boxes or baskets, and at the event, the men would bid for their favorite.

It was usual, back in the day that the winning bidder would share the pie with the baker and friends. The boxes and baskets were often not seen until the bidding began and bids went forthe outside as much as the inside.

Often two bachelors would bid up a pie against each other trying to gain favor with a certan young lady they ‘favored’. Sometimes it would not even be that young lady’s pie when the battle was over.

Often, the lilt of banjo and guitar and friendly singing voices were the added entertainment.

I remebr those being held in the basement lunchroom of our 2 room school.

You know, I thnk I will go!