The sun returned, at least for awhile. It has warmed up some. Hubby is out this afternoon, doing some prep work to get things growing!

He’s preparing the area for the asparagus, right at the sunny east edge of the front yard.  It will still have to dry out some and the soil warm a bit before it can find it’s new home. But it is a beginning, and a welcome one.

 We walked the garden, it’s covered in deer tracks, the last of the turnips  have been forced from the earth by freezing and thaws, they are being eaten by those visitors. Soon what are left and the wheat will be disked in to help enrich he dirt for the crops of spring and summer.

The daffodils are showing yellow buds today, buds swell on the fire bush, a promise that spring is here, even if it chooses to play hide and seek. We are ready for the return of GREEN, for growing things.

Watching the woods now for poke shoots and morels to begin poking up. 

The time of singing birds ha arrived!