This old spring house sits on property owned by my brother. It was there before we were thought of and with a little luck, will be there long after we are forgotten.

Built of rock, picked up as land was cleared, it was not only the source for fresh water, but housed a shelf set in the 38 degree water to place a crock of milk, pans of cream, butter and probably cooled a watermelon or two in its existence as a refrigerator, before such appliances appeared in or hills and hollers.

Gramma Shipman had a gas refrigerator before electricity got out here on Sunrise Ridge in the early 1970’s. It sat out on the back porch next to the gas-powered Maytag wringer washer. 

It too served well. Cold milk, chilled vegetables, ice for tea on a hot day… and I will admit, we have one too! You never know when the power might go out!