This is nothing like my usual posts, but while it is new, I wanted to share my Chinese blessing day; it was filled with ‘interesting times’!

We started from home about 1 pm, to do a bit of shopping and be at the airport in time to do all the checkin mumbo-jumbo for my flight that was to leave a little after 6.

All went well,  more or less. My back brace set off alarms at security and a TSA pat down ensued, the plane to Denver (my connector) was late…

Our flight was late, while waiting, I tried my first Starbucks coffee. It was the only thing available close to our gate, while hope still hung in the air, none of us stranded passentgers wanted to go very far looking for  sustenance.  But as time stretched we became a bit frustrated, knowing we were being held up, but not given any reasons.  Another plane was dispatched out of Denver to get us there; finally gettting off the ground in St Louis a little after 9 – the time my flight to San Diego was to leave. At least I am on vacation, several of the other flyers missed connections and had to take an extra day off work or met with other ramifications.

One poor young man, recently married, lost his wedding ring as we boarded the St. Louis – Denver flight. It was found at the end, having rolled back about two seats and lodged against a carry-on, mine. We all rejoiced over that! By now, we were not a bunch of strangers, but a group of individuals united in a quest.

The approach to Denver was glorious, all the lights like a scattering of gold coins in the darkness.

The airline stepped up, with hotels, food vouchers and boarding passes to all so we could get on with our trip for the night in Denver. We got to the hotel about midnight, Colorado time and I had about 2 hours of sleep once I got settled before it was time to get up and ready for my flight on to San Diego.

I woke Tara about 5:30 her time to let her know the plane was boarding and I would soon be there.

And arrived I have, we have been to the beach, and done a few other things. I am filling this trip with ‘firsts’, like trying new cuisines that aren’t available at home

looking at plants and animals I won’t see when I return. You are all invited to come along on my journey…looking at a new place, filled with wonder.